John Alexander Webb

4John Alexander Webb is the director for Health in Orlando. Born as a premature with clubbed feet, John did not lose his strength. He showed interest in sports during his young age and learned a lot of sports and skills. His interests include bowling, karate, recreational baseball and more.

Born in Hartsville, SC, John Alexander Webb was a part of the Hartsville High School Red Foxes football team. He also shows his interest in spirituality and attends prayer in New Spring Church, Florence, SC. John is determined to achieve his career. He is graduated with a bachelor degree in science from Regent’s University.

John Alexander Webb is passionate about helping people with their needs. He supports poor and needy with their educational needs and helps them to achieve their life goals. He is a volunteer for many social causes. His focus is now on deliver health care to vulnerable populations and has been dedicatedly providing services to people.

John Alexander Webb

John Webb was born and raised in Hartsville, SC. Despite being born premature and with severe clubbed feet, he was very active in sports. He was part of a youth bowling league, took karate, played recreational baseball, and played high school football for the Hartsville High School Red Foxes. He attends New Spring Church in Florence, SC.

John Alexander Webb

John attended Regent’s University and graduated with a bachelor in science degree. He was active in volunteering in his community in positions that included: Habitat for Humanity, mentor at a second chance high school called Sonovista, and serving on the board for the federal Workforce Investment Act, Pee Dee Youth Council. He has a passion for helping people achieve their educational and life goals, teaching entrepreneur and business lessons, and exploring novel ways to deliver healthcare to vulnerable populations.

After being a director for Health First and living in Orlando, John has refocused his efforts to utilize his skill set to help other healthcare organizations to achieve their highest levels of success. He regularly attends seminars to stay on the cutting edge of healthcare administration and provides consulting services to many organizations.

Some of his hobbies are wood working and furniture making, exercising, yoga, spending time outdoors with his two dogs, and traveling to new and exciting places